Stii acele zile cand vrei sa te imbraci cu ceva confortabil si lejer dar tot in acelasi timp sa fie in trend? Ei bine eu am avut acea zi si am trecut peste problema cu mare usurinta. 

Afara era frig si innorat, vremea destul de trista, ca sa zic asa, stii era ziua aia in care pur si simplu nu ai chef de nimic, decat sa stai in pat si sa urmaresti un serial sau film bun. Dar din pacate ai ceva de facut si vrei nu vrei trebuie sa iesi din casa.  Revenind la problema cu imbracatul pentru zilele innorate , am o sugestie pentru tine. 

De cand sunt mica m-am regasit tot timpul in hainele sport si m-am simtit bine in ele, incercam de fiecare data sa fac tot felu de combinatii ca tinutele sa nu fie complet sport, acum ca am crescut am invatat sa fac lucrul asta mai bine.  Asadar m-am folosit de aceste idei si le-am pus in aplicare si acum, am ales sa port o bluza neagra simpla Adidas Original un palton maro din piele intoarsa si o pereche de adidasi Nike. 

Am vrut  pe deasupra de bluza sa iau ceva mai diferit, un articol vestimentar care nu ar merge in mod normal cu intreaga tinuta, sa ies un pic din zona mea de confort, de aceea am ales paltonul din piele intoarsa. Mi-am zis ca este ocazia perfecta pentru a-l folosi. Fiind un item mai elegant sau casual nicidecum sport ii da tinutei o alura misto si o scoate din zona basic. Imi place ideea ca vor fi persoane care vor spune ca nu se potrivesc elementele, asta si vreau,  le va face sa vorbeasca despre tinuta atunci cand ma vor vedea pe strada fie din admiratie sau nu. 

Ce pot spune despre piesele vestimentare alese pentru tinuta de azi ? Ma vad purtandu-le in diverse moduri si combinatii, paltonul cu o pereche de stiletto, o camasa din blugi si un top rosu, iar bluza cu o fusta clos si o perche de snekearsi.  Voi face un articol separat cu ideile astea, ca sa vezi si tu viziunea ce-mi trece prin cap.

Inainte de a cumpara un item stau sa-l analizez daca mi se potriveste atat la aspect cat si la personalitate, uneori iau in calcul tendintele actuale alteori nu imi pasa deloc de ele.   Important e sa ma simt bine si sa fie pe stilul meu. 


Photo 12.11.2017, 17 24 10




Do you know those days when you want to dress with something comfortable and light but at the same time to be in  trend? Well I had that day and I went over the problem  ease.

Outside it was cold and cloudy, the weather was pretty sad, to say like this, you know, it was a day  when you just don`t want anything, just to lay  in bed and watch a good show or movie. But unfortunately you have something to do  even you want or not.  You have to go out.  Back to the dressing problem for the cloudy days, I have a suggestion for you.

Since I was small I’ve always found myself in sports clothes and I felt good in them, I always try to do all sorts of combinations that the outfits are not completely sport, now that I grew up  I learned to do this better. So I used these ideas and implemented them  now, I chose to wear a simple black blouse Adidas Original a brown leather coat and a pair of Nike sneakers.

I wanted to get something different from the blouse, an item that would not normally go with the whole outfit, to come out of my comfort zone, so I picked up my suede leather coat. I said, it was the perfect opportunity to use it. Being a more a stylish or  an casual item, rather then  a sport one it gives  a cool look and  pulls it out of the basic area. I like the idea that there will be people who will say that the items do not fit, this it what I want, will make them talk about the outfit when they see me on the street, either admired or not.

What can I say about the chosen clothing items for today’s outfit? I see them wearing in various ways and combinations, the coat with a pair of stiletto, a jeans shirt and a red top, and the blouse with a close skirt . I’ll make a separate article with these ideas, so you can see the vision that’s going through my head.

Before buying an item, I’m going to analyze whether it suits both my shape and my personality, sometimes I take into account the current trends and sometimes I do not care about them at all. The important thing is to feel good and to be on my style.


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