Era undeva la ora 10 diminata, stateam si imi planificam ce haine sa aleg pentru azi, cand de-o data mi-a venit ideea. Lasandu-ma   inspirata de weekend-ul ce bate la usa, de atmosfera ce ma incojoara,  am ales o tinuta iesita din aria mea de confort.  In mod normal nu as opta pentru un outfit in genul dar de data asta mi-am zis de ce nu.

Totul a pornit de la camasa, imi place mult, culoare cel putin m-a fermecat din prima, cusatura si forma ei m-au ademenit.  Mi-am zis ca daca tot am de gand sa port camasa atunci trebuie sa o combin cu un element vestimentar pe masura, in timp ce ma gandeam cu ce sa o imbin, mi-am adus aminte ca, cu cateva zile inainte am purtat fusta neagra la un alt outfit  casual, poti vedea tinuta  aici.

In ultima vreme am optat mai mult pentru tinuta larga, mai ales in partea de sus, am purtat pentru o perioada destul de lunga de timp haine stramte, incat am ajuns sa fug de ele. Cu cat ii mai larg cu atat mai bine. Nu am idee cat o sa ma tina da tot ce pot sa spun este ca, camasa s-a incadrat perfect cu toanele mele de moment.

Faptul ca este larga mi-a permis sa ma joc cu ea si sa o accesorizez mai usor,  de cand am inceput sa dezvolt o pasiune pentru haine si tot ce tine de ele, am avut tendinta sa port tricouri sau bluze lasate pe un umar in jos, ori sa aleg bluze cu spatele gol,  mi se pare, ca da intregii tinute un aer mai interesant.

Iar acum ca aceasta metoda de styling a devenit la moda, se incadreaza perfect cu viziunile mele despre aranjare. Fapt ce am aplicat si  pentru camasa.




 It was around  10 o’clock in the morning, I was sitting and planning what clothes to choose for today, when suddenly my idea came. I was  inspired by the weekend that knocks on the door, and the atmosphere that surrounds me, I chose an outfit out of my comfort area. Normally I would not choose an outfit like that but this time I told myself why not.

Everything started from he shirt, I like it a lot, the color at least fascinated me first, the stitch and its shape lured me. I said that if I still intend to wear the shirt then I have to combine it with an item good for it, as I was thinking about what to do with her, I remembered that a few days before I wore the skirt black to another casual outfit, you can see the outfit here.

Lately I chose more for the wide outfit, especially at the top, I wore for a long time tight clothes, and know  I`m fedup  from them. The wider the better. I have no idea how long I will keep doing, all I can to say is, the shirt fit perfectly with my taste of the moment.

Because it is wide, its allowed me to play with it and access it more easily, since I started to develop a passion for clothes and all that is on them, I tended to wear t-shirts or blouses left on one shoulder in down, or to choose blouses with bare back, it seems to give the whole outfit a more interesting air.

And now that this styling method has become fashionable, it fits perfectly with my visions of arranging. That’s what I applied to the shirt.



IMG_0384Photo 30.05.2017, 19 29 08

IMG_0385Photo 30.05.2017, 19 31 08

IMG_0375Photo 30.05.2017, 19 28 25

Photo 30.05.2017, 19 27 20Photo 30.05.2017, 19 28 55

IMG_0383Photo 30.05.2017, 19 31 05

IMG_0381Photo 30.05.2017, 19 28 47

Photo 30.05.2017, 19 31 42


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