In general diminetile mele arata toate la fel, ma trezesc destul de usor, pregatita de o noua zi. Primul lucru este sa imi verific mesajele pe telefon, timp de vreo 15-30 de minute. Doua din aplicatiile care imi atrag atentia sunt instagramul si whatsapp-ul. Am diverse grupuri cu oameni comunicativi si la fel de activi ca mine, imi fac timpul sa treaca mai repede decat as vrea eu.

Inainte de toate imi place sa verific ce mai este nou in materie de moda sau fotografie.

Pentru a functiona la nivelul meu maxim, ador ca de fiecare data, inainte de orice masa/gustare sa beau apa pe stomacul gol, (Din fericire sunt o persoana activa si fara cafea, o pot inlocui cu succes cu alte lichide. ) simt ca ma umple de energie si imi da o stare de bine de fiecare data. Iti recomand sa incerci si tu !

De data asta am ales sa imi incep ziua intr-un mod diferit, am luat laptopul si tot ceea ce aveam nevoie pentru un inceput de zi perfect si pentru a scrie un nou articol. Pe langa fotografie si moda, sa scriu este o pasiune de-a mea, pasiune care am inceput recent sa o explorez, pana sa ma apuc de blog, am privit-o decat ca un simplu gand.

De fiecare data cand scriu, ma eliberez de tot si nu ma mai gandesc la nimic, e ca si cum as fi intr-un loc al meu si nu mai e nimeni in jur. Ma incarca pozitiv si imi schimba intreaga zi, pentru mine este o adevarata placere si pasiune.

Pentru ca tot a venit vorba de scris, ca sa scriu in voie, aveam nevoie de un loc linistit si care sa ma imi ofere un vibe pozitiv, un loc in care sa imi pot lasa imaginatia sa curga si ideile sa imi vina fara probleme. Am stiut direct unde trebuie sa merg.

Vremea de afara era perfecta, vantul adia usor, mai urmeaza decat sa aleg o tinuta, care trebuie pozata. Dupa cateva gandiri am ales un outfit casual format din bluza din dantela cu broderie, dupa care tin sa spun ca sunt innebunita, o pereche de pantaloni scurti cu talie inalta si o pereche de platforme.


In general my morning’s are usually the same, I wake up quite easily and get ready for a new day. The first habit is to check my phone messages for about 15 to 30 minutes, two of the applications that draw attention to me are instagram and whatsapp, having different groups with communicating people that they’re active as I do.

First of all I like to check out what’s new in fashion or photography.

To work at my maximum level, I love that every time before any meal / snack, I drink water on the empty stomach, (Fortunately, I’m an active and coffee-free person, I can successfully replace it with other liquids.) I feel like It fills me with energy and gives me a good feeling every time. I recommend you to try it too!

This time I chose to start my day in a different way, I took my laptop and everything I needed for a perfect start and to write a new article. Besides photography and fashion, writing it is a passion for me, a passion I have recently started to explore, until I get to the blog, I looked at it only as a simple thought.

Every time I write, I get rid of everything and I do not think of anything, it’s like I’m in a place of my own and there’s nobody around. It loads me positively and changes my whole day, for me it’s a real pleasure and passion.

Because I was speaking about writing, to write good, I needed a quiet place that it gives me a good vibe, a place where I can let my imagination flow and my ideas come smoothly. I knew exactly where to go.

The weather outside was perfect, the wind was very still, today I had choosen an outfit that would be photographed . After a few thoughts, I chose a casual outfit consisting of the lace blouse that I can say I`m crazy about, a pair of high waisted shorts and a pair of platforms.
























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