O da !! am uitat de iarna, am uitat cum este sa imi fie frig, sa simt aerul rece cum imi strapunge obrajii, am uitat ce inseamna cu adevarat iarna fara umiditate ridicata si temperaturi de toamna.  Sa ma bucur ca un copil atunci cand vad ca ninge, nu-mi spune ca tu nu te bucuri, sau  eu ma aflu printre putinele persoane care o face ?   Dulce iarna cu miros de scortisoara.

Ce poate fi mai frumos decat sa vezi orasul acoperit cu o patura alba ?

Ziua de azi a fost una din preferatele mele, m-am reintalnit cu un oras drag care mi-a adus aminte de clipele frumoase ale studentiei, daca nu ai ghicit ce oras este, atunci iti voi spune eu Cluj-Napoca, oras  tare drag mie.  Care timp de 3 ani de zile m-a primit cu bratele deschise si mi-a aratat secretele lui.

 Dilema cea mai mare este cum sa te imbraci iarna, da stiu, vrei sa fi atragatoare  dar nu vrei sa fi vulgara, dar cum sa faci ? afara este prea frig nu poti sa fi prea „dezmatata” ca sa zic asa, cea mai buna idee ar fi sa te lasi dusa de val, indrazneste la mai mult, ce daca afara este frig ? Asta inseamna ca trebuie sa porti numai blugi ?

Ei bine nu !

Iti prezint o mica idee fara prea multa introducere, te vei intreba oare nu i-a fost frig? Lasa-ma sa iti raspund, nu mi-a fost, m-am simtit mai increzatoare ca niciodata, toate privirile erau atintite spre mine, pentru ca da, am avut fusta in una din cele mai friguroase luni din an.

Este vorba despre fusta tartan, un look care nu se demodeaza niciodata este doar reinventat!





Oh yes !! I  forgot about Winter , I forget  how it is to be cold to  feel how the cold air pierces my cheeks, I forget what it really means winter without high humidity and fall temperatures. I’m happy as a child when I see snow, dont tell me you’re not happy, or I`m  among the few people who does?  Sweet Winter with its  cinnamon smell.

What could be nicer than to see the town covered with a white blanket?

Today it was one of my favorites, I rejoined with the  city which is  dear to me,  I remembered the good times of being a student, if you have not guessed what city it is, then I will tell you its  Cluj-Napoca ( Romania), a city that i love. Who for 3 years received me with open arms and showed me it`s secrets.

One of the biggest dilemma is how to dress in winter, yes I know, you want to be attractive but you don`t want to be vulgar, but how to do it ? it’s too cold outside you can not be too crazy  to say like this, the best idea  would be to let yourself get  carried away, dare more than  if it’s cold outside? That means you should only wear jeans?

Well no!

I give you an idea without to much introduction, you’ll wonder was  I not cold? Let me answer you, I was not, I felt more confident than ever, all eyes were on me, because yes, I had the skirt in one of the coldest months of the year.

It’s about tartan skirt, a look that never goes out of style and is  only reinvented!





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